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#ala11 Emerging Leaders Session

Friday of #ala11 was my last day of the Emerging Leaders program.  Remember my last post on Emerging Leaders, The 2011 Emerging Leaders Class Midwinter Meeting: Be Scared Everyday and Have a Drink in Your Hands, and how much I learned?  Day two was nothing like day one. Day 2 was all about reflection from … Continue reading

#ala11 Highlights

Wow, I really didn’t have time to post during ALA in New Orleans.  When I had any downtime I was so tired I couldn’t really complete a full sentence, let alone write a blog post.  So much happened over the last 5 days that it certainly will take more than 1 blog over 1 day, … Continue reading

New Orleans, Here I Come!

So, this trip is already not going as planned.  My husband had surgery 2 weeks ago that he should’ve mostly been healed from, but actually has not really healed at all, and the doctor has decided to not clear him for travel.  So I am now going to New Orleans solo.  This will be my … Continue reading

oy vey!

last week was so overwhelming.  there was something I wanted to blog about everyday, but I just didn’t get the chance!  the desk was busy.  real life was busy.  and i was feeling a little bit lazy amongst it all.  so here’s the dirty and quick version of last week… (which i’m sure you’ll appreciate … Continue reading

Top 5 Events (In My Life) of 2010

As promised, my top 5 events of 2010 brought to you in 2011 1.  Buying a House This year, my husband and I bought a house in San Pedro, California.  I’d post a picture of the house, but all the pictures I have clearly state the address and while I’d love to have a stalker, … Continue reading


Why, hello abandoned Lessa Librarian’s Thesis Weblog!  How am I to reformat this blog?  My career, my education, and my personal life cross on so many paths, its difficult for me to have just one blog out of fear that one blog will offend someone or not be truely representational of what i want to … Continue reading