Why, hello abandoned Lessa Librarian’s Thesis Weblog!  How am I to reformat this blog?  My career, my education, and my personal life cross on so many paths, its difficult for me to have just one blog out of fear that one blog will offend someone or not be truely representational of what i want to say, but I also realize that having 2 blogs makes it hard for me to decide what to write about.

oh well.  I think that I will use this as my “professional” blog and maintain my other blog as my more personal blog since probably not many librarians care about how my daily run went or whether or not I enjoyed an episode of Glee (I’m not proud, but I do occasionally watch it on hulu).

So what has gone on in my professional life since I finished my thesis (which can be checked out from the UCLA library)?

I’m also working on a proposal with a group of other people (including my awesome English Professor, MFA graduate husband) to write/put together a photographic book of Hawaiians in the South Bay.  This project is still in its super early stages (I just met the people tonight!) but I am already nervous about it and hope that we will do the South Bay Hawaiian community justice.  There are so many essential people to discuss and include in the project that I hope we will be able to get a hold of everyone.

I am excited about picking my project for Emerging Leaders. There are 4 that I am most interested in, but I’m not sure how I want to go about ordering them based on my interest level.  One is for a round table that I am super interested in (ALSC), one is for a round table i’ve never even heard of but am pretty interested in although I don’t think it will help me on my children’s librarianship path, and the other two are both YALSA projects.  I was kind of surprised at the amount of marketing the organization that many of the projects offered, but I guess ultimately thats what leaders do.  They lead people and figure out how to market their organization to make it grow and thrive and stay alive and new and full of people with new ideas.  I have until November 20th to decide and then the fates decide from there!


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