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Froggy Goes to Hawaii

What a disaster. First, their attire.  I hope they don’t make Aloha Shirts like that anymore.  And why, why, when people go to Hawaii do they feel they HAVE to wear an Aloha shirt everywhere?  Honestly, its okay to dress normally.  I promised. Second, Froggy “raced through a giant bamboo forest and had a ninja … Continue reading

Culturally Nice Hawaiian Programming

My awesome Grad School Peer-Mentor sent me this entry from the PUBYAC ListServ last week.  Someone wrote to the Hawaii State Library about how to put on a culturally sensitive Hawaiian Luau.  If I had seen the post, I would have, of course, referred them to Talk Story for some ideas, but apparently this one … Continue reading

2010 California Census Data & NHPI Reppin’

If i hadn’t become a librarian, I would’ve worked for the Census.  The facts they compile and analyze are so interesting and the information goes on for days.  When I was an undergrad Sociology major, the Census and I were BFF.  But, I didn’t want to take more Statistics, and working for the census (as … Continue reading

Hawaiians in Los Angeles

Well, it’s official.  Christian and I, along with three others, have sold our souls for the next eight months to a publisher to write/create a photo book of Hawaiians in Los Angeles for the Arcadia Publishing Images in America series. Before we were approved, I wasn’t too concerned about the book.  In all honesty, I … Continue reading