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Teen Summer Programs Thank You!

Teen Summer Programs Thank You!

When I got my job here at Glendale Public Library, the turn-around time from the date of my second interview to my start date was very quick.  My interview was on April 19 and my first day was May 16.  Less than a month – which in Civil Service time is lightning fast considering my … Continue reading

I’m melting!

Well, we melted something today – old vinyl records to be exact.  And it was a successful program, although I also learned a lot and was very glad only 3 teens showed up.  Here is what I learned about doing this program: Works best with smaller numbers (attendance wise).  Each bowl took on average 5-10 … Continue reading

January Teen Programs

This month, my TAC meeting was the very first day the kids were back in school from Winter Break.  I had to admit, I was almost certain no one was going to show up, so I was preparing myself for an extra hour of catch-up work.  Surprisingly, I was wrong.  There were only2 teens absent. … Continue reading

Altoid Tin Makeover Craft for Teens

This post is long overdue.  A few weeks ago, I hosted the last of the programs planned by my awesome predecessor at RBPL who moved to Kentucky and is now a wonderful, doting father to a handsome little guy named Atlas.  Seriously.  That’s a pretty awesome name and you know he’s gonna be super buff. … Continue reading

September is almost gone…

And I have done like 1 post in the whole month.  It’s been a busy month and, until Oct. 4, things are not going to simmer down really.  So, I’m going to give a super boring, run down of activities for the month, in which you will probably go, why do i care and why … Continue reading