New Orleans, Here I Come!

So, this trip is already not going as planned.  My husband had surgery 2 weeks ago that he should’ve mostly been healed from, but actually has not really healed at all, and the doctor has decided to not clear him for travel.  So I am now going to New Orleans solo.  This will be my first trip all by my lonesome.  With my own hotel room and only my third flight ever by myself.  It’s going to be kind of weird.  And super sucky for Christian.

My schedule is jam-packed.

Friday I have Emerging Leaders from 8am – whenever our poster session ends (I think around 4 or 430), APALA EB meeting from 5-7, JCLC Fundraiser from 7-10 and then Informal Ethnic Affiliates Social from 10-whenever.

Saturday I want to try to get in at least one or two panels – a storytime one and then the one nation many stories author presentation before the diversity faire… after the diversity faire for Talk Story’s booth is more “socializing”

and then Sunday I am presenting the APALA Picture book award in the morning, attending a few panels *hopefully*, meeting with LLAMA reps to discuss our project, and then celebrating with my fellow LLAMA ELs on a successful project year.

I can’t believe how quickly everything has just flown by!  Tomorrow will generally be a travel day and Thursday was reserved for sightseeing, so I’ll hopefully start updating Friday or Saturday about my EL experience and any cool stuff I see along the way…

Fingers crossed for good weather (It’s raining, thunderstorming, and 100 degrees), good presentations, and a good conference!


One thought on “New Orleans, Here I Come!

  1. too bad about your husband not being able to join you, my first trip solo was for ala midwinter, it was pretty nice, and now my bf will not be able to join me again, so we’ll keep each other company, haha!

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