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Fighting your Inner Monologue

Fighting your Inner Monologue

A large part of being a librarian is finding a book that someone read when they were younger, but they don’t remember the title or the author or what it looked like or when it was published, or how old they were when they read it, but they *think* it was about x, y, or … Continue reading

Stumper Reference Questions

Today was a weird day in library land.  Thanks to a new bill, many retired part-timers had to be let go because of their CalPers retirement plan, upheaving the schedule.  Which means that there was some confusion… And that I spent 7 hours on the reference desk today instead of my scheduled 4.  Luckily it … Continue reading

“If Reference is Dead Why Am I So Tired?”

Today I’m trying to catch up with my Google Reader, so hopefully I’ll have a few interesting things to post over the next few days (since, like my own blog, I’ve been neglecting other people’s blogs too!), much like this funny and relevant article from the blog Closed Stacks, “If Reference is Dead Why Am … Continue reading