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Top 5 Events (In My Life) of 2010

As promised, my top 5 events of 2010 brought to you in 2011 1.  Buying a House This year, my husband and I bought a house in San Pedro, California.  I’d post a picture of the house, but all the pictures I have clearly state the address and while I’d love to have a stalker, … Continue reading

Top 5 Movies of 2010

Unlike books, I do actually see what comes out during the year (when I have money) instead of what came out last year – unless we’re talking Oscar nominated flicks, then I’m usually a year behind, so this list is restricted to movies that came out in 2010.  Looking at the below list, it seems … Continue reading

2010 Top Five Books

I’ve been thinking a lot about the last year and the craziness of it all.  I think it will take a few posts to cover everything that happened in 2010, and since I am lazy, it will probably be in list form. Today, we will start with the top five books I read in 2010 … Continue reading