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Day of Diversity Panel 2: Literacy Programming

Day of Diversity Panel 2: Literacy Programming

This blog is in reference to the Day of Diversity symposium.  For background, click here. Literacy Programming:  Forming Partnerships and Sharing Resources (Panel) Pat Mora, Author, Founder of Dia de los libros Link:  Dia de los libros Pat Mora shared her thoughts on the need for a diverse publishing system — a system that librarians understand … Continue reading

Go Away Big Green Monster!

With all the shit going down with Harper Collins lately, one can’t help but have e-books slammed into their face non-stop – at least if you work in library land.  Shoot, forget just working in Library Land, I heard the Harper Collins issue and ensuing library boycotts were in the NYT yesterday. While I think … Continue reading

Hawaiian Representation in Children’s Literature

Yes! 2 blogs for today.  So does this mean I don’t have to post anything tomorrow?  naw… I’ll be faithful to my pledge (i guess). Finding information and people discussing the representation of Hawaiians in Children’s literature is pretty hard to find.  I’ve found the first writing in a long time that even address the … Continue reading

Dance for the Land by Clemence McLaren

This isn’t going to be the post about this book that I want it to be, but since I’ve already renewed the book twice and somehow it hasn’t left my car so that I can pick out the passages I wanted to explicitly point out, this post will have to do.  Hopefully before I actually … Continue reading

Race and Children’s Literature

While this isn’t a new topic, I don’t think it ever gets old and discussions are always new and insightful, regardless of how many times the work has been read and discussed. Today, a woman came in looking for Little House on the Prairie.  Now, as a child in fourth and fifth grades, I was … Continue reading