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UCLA Racist Chick, Once and For All

So, I saw this disappointing bit of news in the paper today.  Alexandra Wallace will be leaving UCLA by choice – not because UCLA was going to take any sort of disciplinary action against her. Apparently, she is upset because she was ostracized from the UCLA community after her comments.  Well duh.  What did she … Continue reading

Racist Chick and UCLA’s AAS Dept.

I wonder if this girl has had her ass kicked on campus yet.  Anyways, UCLA’s Asian American Studies Department released an official statement about the whole shenannigan I discussed yesterday, basically calling for punishment by UCLA administration and also calling for UCLA to look at their (lack of) diversity requirement. I was unaware that UCLA … Continue reading

Unsurprising Racist UCLA Chick

So, apparently there is a youtube video of a girl complaining about the hoardes of Asians who make a ruckus in the library on their cell phones.  Because I’ve been at work all day, I can’t actually hear what she says (and the original video has been taken down), but I read a transcript and … Continue reading