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Being underemployed & Sick

Want to know one of the worst things about being underemployed?  When you get sick, you don’t get paid.  And when you work at a library that actually cares about its appearance, when you’re sick and you sound sick or look sick, they send you home and you hope that they can reschedule you for … Continue reading

Woes of the Underemployed

Today I took an exam at Santa Monica College for a Library Assistant position.  I think that this shows my desperation in desiring a full time job.  or at least another library job to cancel out my PA job.  The requirements to be able to take the library assistant exam were: HS Diploma or GE, … Continue reading

The underemployed as employees

Last thursday, my place of employment hosted an all-day staff training.  In it, we learned about customer service skills from Susan Berk and played some fairly fun, team building games.  I can’t say that I learned too much from Susan Berk.  What I did realize, though, is that my customer service skills have been slacking … Continue reading