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Christian posted my talk from SAA last week to the Hawaiians in LA blog.  Check it out if you want to see what I read/said. Advertisements

The First Time:  Presenting on a Panel at #ala12

The First Time: Presenting on a Panel at #ala12

There are so many blog ideas rolling around in my head after my 3-day stint at ALA Annual in Anaheim that I barely know where to start.  So, I’ll start with some self-reflection on my first presentation for ALA.  I’ve done a few poster sessions, but have never done a formal, room-assigned, in the program … Continue reading

September is almost gone…

And I have done like 1 post in the whole month.  It’s been a busy month and, until Oct. 4, things are not going to simmer down really.  So, I’m going to give a super boring, run down of activities for the month, in which you will probably go, why do i care and why … Continue reading

oy vey!

last week was so overwhelming.  there was something I wanted to blog about everyday, but I just didn’t get the chance!  the desk was busy.  real life was busy.  and i was feeling a little bit lazy amongst it all.  so here’s the dirty and quick version of last week… (which i’m sure you’ll appreciate … Continue reading

March Blogging

I wanted to make a goal for March: 1 blog a day for 31 days straight. Today, I was struggling with what I wanted to post, when Christian came to my rescue.  Check out his blog here, on Hawaiians, Aloha, and Love.  With some really cool pictures that are hopefully going into our book as … Continue reading

so many pictures… so little time

Tomorrow, Christian and I have a meeting with our co-authors to go over the progress we’ve made in compiling pictures for the book since we last met a few weeks ago. My progress?  Ummm… I’ve sent out a lot of emails…  Talked to a lot of people about getting pictures… and have thought a lot … Continue reading

Hawaiians in Los Angeles

Well, it’s official.  Christian and I, along with three others, have sold our souls for the next eight months to a publisher to write/create a photo book of Hawaiians in Los Angeles for the Arcadia Publishing Images in America series. Before we were approved, I wasn’t too concerned about the book.  In all honesty, I … Continue reading