#ala11 Highlights

Wow, I really didn’t have time to post during ALA in New Orleans.  When I had any downtime I was so tired I couldn’t really complete a full sentence, let alone write a blog post.  So much happened over the last 5 days that it certainly will take more than 1 blog over 1 day, so for today I am just going to start with the highlights, day by day (aka the non-librariany stuff I did).


I made it safely and soundly and enjoyed my first po’boy from Mother’s.  I was a bad foodie (not that I actually consider myself a foodie but you know) and didn’t take pictures, but let me tell you it tasted AMAZING.


In the morning, I had my first beignet from Cafe du Monde.  Because I was by myself and because the place was packed solid, I got them to go and ate them overlooking Jackson Square.  They were DELICIOUS!

In the afternoon, my awesome friend invited my on a tour of the Garden District, led by her friend who actually lives in NOLA.  We saw some awesome houses, got SnoBalls (Hawai’i Shave Ice is still better!), and visited the Lafayette Cemetary #1


I finished the ALA Emerging Leaders program with a poster session from my group, Group N (I will definitely provide a more detailed blog about this later…)

Then I went to the APALA Executive Board Meeting, the JCLC Fundraiser at the Hilton, and then, finally, we had an informal APALA/AILA social at…

Pat O’Brien’s on Bourbon Street.  Everyone, please note that ONE Hurricane is enough and when you spill your drink, that’s God’s way of telling you to STOP.  NOT order another one.  My friend got specific advice on this from her hotel housekeeper… AFTER we’d all drunk more than 1. lol



A late start morning (due to the above Hurricane), I attended some panels (more to come later), walked the exhibits, and got to spend time with Debbie Reese at our Talk Story booth at the Diversity Faire!


Then I attended the SJSU SLIS reception thanks to my Talk Story co-chair, and it was an AMAZING reception with AMAZING food and open bar (no hurricanes!)

After that, I got to attend the APALA Social at Sara’s Restaurant, which was delicious and at which I got to see my faculty advisor and mentor, the amazing Clara Chu!


We started with the APALA Lit Awards, I got to attend a panel, finished walking the exhibit floor (and visited the Post Office!), saw another awesome panel on the Native American Trickster Graphic Novel (and get a free, signed copy!) and then I ended recapping our EL project with LLAMA President and Vice President and had a lovely dinner afterwards…


My last day in NOLA! I started the morning with good conversation and beignets and cafe au lait, attended a panel I should’ve been on (blog to DEFINITELY follow), and then finished the trip with some Rabbit & Sausage Jambalaya and a trip to the voodoo store!



Oh yeah, and I got to meet Grace Lin!

The photo is super blurry, but that’s okay… I’ll get a better one next year when I’m not surprising her in the hallway of the convention center!

The wait at the airport was actually quite enjoyable!  I spent time with an amazing APALA Friend and got to see another fabulous grad school mentor, Virginia Walter!  A definite great end to a busy and successful conference!










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