oy vey!

last week was so overwhelming.  there was something I wanted to blog about everyday, but I just didn’t get the chance!  the desk was busy.  real life was busy.  and i was feeling a little bit lazy amongst it all.  so here’s the dirty and quick version of last week…

(which i’m sure you’ll appreciate more than those long-winded tangents and soap boxes I climb upon)

Monday: bad mood and snippy due to the impending Tuesday

Tuesday: interview with LAPL for a PT Librarian.  Oy.  That interview wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t great either.  I would say I brought my B+ game.  It’s been awhile since I interviewed for a library position, and I wasn’t 100% sure how the job would fit into my current schedule, and I heard the panelists discussing my application before I came in the door which made me more paranoid than I should have been probably.  And I forgot the one thing they asked me to bring to the interview – a list of my 3 references.  What a jackass.  I remembered the bus schedule and the money for the bus.  I remembered a book to read while I waited.  But I didn’t remember my references.  Usually, I take at least 5 copies of my most up to date resume with me to an interview.  But in ALL the interviews I’ve never been asked for it once and only offered it to the panel once because my information had changed drastically since I had originally applied.  So, I decided rather than waste paper since my resume will change again before the next interview, I’d just leave it at home.

Great idea, Lessa.  Way to be prepared.

Wednesday:  I tried to have an Emerging Leader meeting while on the reference desk.  Usually the 4pm hour is busy but winding down, so I thought it’d be okay.  I was wrong.  It also didn’t help that I had a program that evening so my boss wanted to flush out her last minute changes and ideas to the program and I’m trying to plan a poster session for ALA.  It was pretty productive but I certainly didn’t feel like I was pulling my weight or being much of a leader.

The program was pretty great, though!  It was a Hawaiian Storytime in honor of Talk Story and we doubled the numbers that usually attend for Pajama Storytime.  We told stories, sang the alphabet and head shoulders knees and toes, learned a hula, and made paper leis at the end.  Some of those kids were pretty out of control and rambunctious to be honest, but I think everyone still had a great time.  I was exhausted by the end (and also tired of saying “I’ve never lived in Hawaii.  My family is from there.  I’m NATIVE Hawaiian”) but it was well worth the stress.

Thursday:  Book meeting!  Oy vey is right for this project.  The deadline is just around the corner.  We got an email from our editor letting us know what we should have completed and then we looked at what we had actually completed and then I had an anxiety attack.  We are heading towards the finish line but we still need a few more pictures so don’t be shy folks!  I wanna see what you have!  And I want to be done with this book!  And, in case my editor is reading this, I promise its not as bad as we’re making it sound.  I’m just a worry wart and I tend to overthink things 🙂

Friday: ahhhhh! a day off! and another moody day for me personally.  i barely remember what i did other than clean.  i just know it ended with hula.

Saturday: Work and the APALA Fun-Raiser for Spectrum Scholars at my house!  I woke up to gray and drizzly skies.  I had a heart attack because I can’t fit more then 7 adults into one room of my house at a time and I was expecting at least double that, so I needed the weather to cheer up so that we could be outside on the deck.  While I was at work Christian put together our super amazing industrial outdoors heater which was a life saver and by the time I got home it was chilly but no longer rainy and the heater was AMAZING!  We had a fairly successful and fun FUN-raiser and all the money went to ALA Spectrum Scholars.  Even though Spectrum didn’t give ME an award, I still think they’re a good cause 🙂

that’s a decent amount of librarianing for a part-timer…


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