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First Quarter Reflections

2012 is nearly 1/2 of the way done already, and this year is not exactly how I thought it was going to turn out back in January.  I didn’t get that job I interviewed for in the first week or so and since then have been re-vamping my game plan.  I overhauled my resume and … Continue reading

Job Application Stats

Back in September, I totaled my overall Job applications stats to date.  Here, I’d like to reflect on my job search in 2011 and what I learned since I don’t think I’ll be applying to anymore jobs in the next few days.  In 2011, I expanded my criteria for jobs, applying to jobs which are … Continue reading

Application and Interview Stats

So the other day  I was talking with Christian about looking for full-time jobs and how I don’t have one.  It got me to thinking.  Some people keep really good track of how many applications they send out, how many interviews they go on, etc. and I never did that.  Partially because I never expected … Continue reading