Top 5 Events (In My Life) of 2010

As promised, my top 5 events of 2010 brought to you in 2011

1.  Buying a House

This year, my husband and I bought a house in San Pedro, California.  I’d post a picture of the house, but all the pictures I have clearly state the address and while I’d love to have a stalker, I’d rather the stalker put a little effort into finding out where I live instead of handing him locks of my hair.  Buying the house was one of the WORST experiences of my entire life.  The stress, the arguments, the feeling of worthiness, and the lack of trust in humanity that we felt was simply appalling.  I joke that we are never moving because I never want to buy another house after this experience, and, honestly, I’m only half joking.

Having the house, though, has been amazing.  Having a parking space and not having to walk a scary scary block through the ghetto.  I am thankful for sure.  Having the ability to let our dogs run outside, that I am thankful for also.  Being able to have dogs at all I am thankful for (the outside is particularly important since I’m allergic).  And knowing that I can do (almost) whatever I want to that 701 square feet of house and 2000 square feet of land is pretty amazing.

2.  Ran the LA Marathon

I ran the LA Marathon, From the Stadium to the Sea in 6 hours, 35 minutes, and 49 seconds.  It was the most painful 6 hours, 35 minutes, and 49 seconds of my life.  For a full account of what went on, you can look at my running blog here.  While it was horrible in many ways, it was also amazing.  When I feel tired on 3 mile runs, I tell myself that 3 miles is nothing.  I once ran 26.2 with injuries and blisters and emotional diress.  I know that I can push myself to the limits I set and make it, no matter what.

3.  Got (and quit) My First Full-Time Job

In March, I was hired by the County of LA as a Children’s Librarian for a very challenging library in Los Angeles.  This library tested myself in different ways than anything I’d ever experienced.  It tested my ability to be a babysitter, parole officer, police officer, saint, and librarian all at the same time.  With very little support from the library staff (administration support was much better, but what could they do? They weren’t there on a daily basis), I sought other employment where I wouldn’t be receiving threats of assault, receiving actual verbal assault, and where I wouldn’t have to restrain myself from hitting middle school children because their parents didn’t teach them better.  I wish I could say that I stayed and that I changed the library and the neighborhood for the better, but I can’t, and honestly, I’m okay with that.  I now work in safe libraries where my biggest complaints are about the homeless population or that the internet is down.  I don’t go on lockdown because a gang shooting happened 2 doors down and I’m not afraid for patrons to know what my car looks like for fear of vandalism.

4.  Got to travel

Places I visited in 2010:

  • Las Vegas, NV: We went (supposedly) for my husband’s birthday, but really we need very little excuse to pack up and head out to Sin City.  We drug my cousin along for some bonding time and ate wayyyy too much at the M Buffet – the best buffet EVER
  • Washington, D.C.: APALA sponsored my trip to ALA Annual in June and I got to go into the reading room at Library of Congress (shown below).  Too Cool!

  • Pismo Beach, CA: We went to Pismo Beach for just a day to celebrate our 3rd Wedding Anniversary.  Naturally, I picked the coldest possible beach to visit during the hottest month of the year in California.  We spent most of the time bundled up, but we saw a lot of really cool stuff!  One of our favorites was on our way to Solvang, we stopped by the Ostrich farm (shown below)

  • Seattle, WA: We went for a wedding of two of my good friends from High School but also LOVED the city.  We didn’t love it as much as we’d hoped, sadly (we were hoping we’d love it so much we could live and die there), but we definitely loved it enough to visit again or live in for a short period of time.  May I say, Seattle Public Library (shown below) is truly one of the most amazing libraries I’ve ever seen.  I could’ve spent all day wandering around…

5.  Received some Honors

  • Awarded a Travel & Research Grant
  • Selected as a 2011 ALA Emerging Leader

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