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The Death of Libraries

The Death of Libraries

Why does everyone want libraries to die?  Every few months another article comes out that sends librarians into a tizzy and we feel the need to defend ourselves and our profession.  Today’s latest offender – Forbes.  Again.  A few months ago, Forbes offended librarians by calling out that we are severely underpaid and who would … Continue reading

Library Themed “Post Secret”

I have a secret.  I LOVE Post Secret. And this week it seems Post Secret has some interesting library secrets.  I won’t reveal them all – one was not exactly G-Rated, but you can see all of them and more in the post For those of you who don’t know (and I had to look … Continue reading

The underemployed as employees

Last thursday, my place of employment hosted an all-day staff training.  In it, we learned about customer service skills from Susan Berk and played some fairly fun, team building games.  I can’t say that I learned too much from Susan Berk.  What I did realize, though, is that my customer service skills have been slacking … Continue reading