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This blog first began as a place for me to organize and share my findings of Native Hawaiian culture in Southern California in order to write my thesis, Ho’omau: The perpetuation of Hawaiian culture in Southern California, for UCLA’s MLIS program.  I graduated in June 2009 and since then have become partially employed as a children’s librarian at one Southern California library and as a general librarian for another Southern California library.  This blog has turned into more of a reflection upon librarianship and life as an underemployed librarian in a terrible economy who has big dreams and hopes that someday she will get to use her degree to its fullest extent.

Much of the original blog is left for preservation but has been rearranged a little bit to reflect the new focus.

About the Author

About the Thesis


2 thoughts on “about the blog

  1. aloha Lessa,

    I just came across your blog in a search for some information on Hawaiian children’s literature for a class I’m teaching in the fall at UH Manoa. I have written and presented on representations of Hawaiians/Hawaiian children’s literature, one of my specialties. Get in touch with me if you’re interested.

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