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Kānaka Maoli Scholars Against Desecration

Kānaka Maoli Scholars Against Desecration Second Statement on Naue, March 24, 2009 As Kānaka Maoli scholars we write to follow-up on our statement from September 13, 2008 publicly condemning the state-sponsored desecration of a Native Hawaiian burial site at Wainiha, Kaua`i resulting from the construction of a new home at Naue Point by California real … Continue reading

Reading of the Day

Hall, Lisa Kahaleole. 2005. “Hawaiian at heart” and other fictions. The Contemporary Pacific 17(2):404-413. This article deals with the definition of a Hawaiian and the difficulties mainstream culture has in understanding the difference between a Hawaiian and a person who was born and/or raise in Hawaiian but is not of indigenous descent.  She goes into … Continue reading