Being underemployed & Sick

Want to know one of the worst things about being underemployed?  When you get sick, you don’t get paid.  And when you work at a library that actually cares about its appearance, when you’re sick and you sound sick or look sick, they send you home and you hope that they can reschedule you for the hours you’ve missed.  That is, if you’re not still sick the next day and if the day after that isn’t the end of the pay period.

I guess I should take advantage of being sent home and go lie down 😦


3 thoughts on “Being underemployed & Sick

  1. Sorry, that sucks. I’m sick this week too. Ironically my brother decided to randomly stop by the library where I work and he didn’t know where it was so my family called to get directions and someone at the branch said I was home sick, and then my whole family freaked out like I was dying. I just get colds, stupid colds. If I couldn’t work when I looked and sounded sick I’d never be able to work in the fall and winter.

  2. Thanks, guys! That is a serious bummer, Sarah. At my old library, I showed up for work a number of times with a nose as red as rudolph and carrying a tissue box with me everywhere I went. But, alas, not anymore apparently.

    And Heawon, I am just ever so slightly below half-time that I don’t get any benefits… so I pay health insurance and all that fun stuff out of pocket 😦 Good thing I’m generally a healthy person! I think this weekend just kind of kicked my okole 🙂

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