Hawaiian Representation in Children’s Literature

Yes! 2 blogs for today.  So does this mean I don’t have to post anything tomorrow?  naw… I’ll be faithful to my pledge (i guess).

Finding information and people discussing the representation of Hawaiians in Children’s literature is pretty hard to find.  I’ve found the first writing in a long time that even address the topic.  If you’re interested in what she has to say, check out pages 31-36.  Essentially she declares that’s what out there kinda sucks and there’s not much out there to begin with and there is a huge need.  We need to find people to fill this gap!

The thesis is written by Marilyn Nalani Mattox-Primacio and is entitled “The Ho’ulu Hou Project: Stories Told By Us, A Native Hawaiian Children’s Book Project in Ko’olauloa, O’ahu, Hawai’i”.  It’s actually about a children’s book project in a Hawaiian school promoting early literacy, but I found the literature review to be quite interesting.  I haven’t gotten to the part yet about the actual project, but soon!


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