Fold It!

For Spring Break, we decided to have a Paper Palooza – a different paper-based project everyday of the week in addition to our regularly scheduled programming.  By the end of the week I was tired of folding, cutting, and really looking at paper, but it was a lot of fun and the kids had a blast.  We geared it towards elementary school age kids, although really 3rd grade seemed to be the perfect age.

Monday & Wednesday:  Pop-Up Books

Originally slated as a one-day project, many of the kids needed more than the allotted hour to make their pop-up books, so this turned into a 2-day extravaganza.  They came out great, though!

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Tuesday:  Star Wars Origami

This one was of course my favorite – Origami was easier with the kids who could follow instructions, but some kids had a hard time listening – mostly because they were too busy trying to move ahead because they thought they knew what to do and then would get stuck and demand my attention.

Tom Angleberger is great about posting all of the origami instructions online-, making this program a no-brainer.

Also as a side-note, I saw him speak at ALA Midwinter in Seattle and he was a super friendly, super energetic, and wonderful guy!

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Thursday:  Paper Airplanes

Friday:  Fanzines

This program was not so successful – only one kid showed up and he didn’t want me to see his finished product, so I had to photograph my own examples.  I think that part of it may have been in marketing/title.  Even though I put an example out of what a fanzine was and a little blurb, it still probably seemed kind of mysterious.  This might have worked better as a tween-specific program in which we talked about their favorite things that they could include in the pages.  It may also have been because it was Friday and by then parents were able to take time off to spend with their kids.



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