Where’s Waldo @ Your Library?

waldoMy colleague and I are both a little Waldo and scavenger hunt obsessed, so we decided to combine out two loves into a week-long program.  In case you didn’t know, Waldo had his 25th Birthday in 2012, and libraries, businesses, and tons of other people were celebrating.

Our celebration took place during National Library Week and had a week-long scavenger hunt for Elementary School Kids, search-and finds for the littler kids, and a mid-week Waldo program as part of our Explore Some More series.

The Scavenger Hunt

The hunt consisted of 10 clues and took the kids all around the Children’s Room. each clue led them to Waldo, one of Waldo’s friends, or one of the objects you are typically asked to find in a Waldo Search.  We made mini-Dewey guides to hand out to the kids and hoped that this would be the beginning of a journey to finding non-fiction books on their own and figuring out where their favorite topics were located.  When kids found all the answers, they got a bone eraser that looked like Woof’s bone which were tied with a bright red ribbon.


The Search-And-Finds

These were super easy to do.  We blew up some of the pages from the book, laminated them, and put dry-erase markers and magnifying glasses out near the reference desk.  Kids had to find Waldo and his friends, and when they found everyone, they got a Waldo sticker.  The little kids loved looking for these, and they still ask us when they can do it again.


The Waldo Program

Every week, we had a program called Explore Some More for kids in grades 3 and up.  Each month was a different topic – Science, Puppets, and Books and of course Waldo fell under the books realm.  During the program, we made:

Waldo paper hats w/homemade pompoms

waldo 4 2013 017

Waldo Messenger bags out of brown paper bags (no picture)

Binoculars out of Toilet Paper Rolls


Everyone had a lot of fun all throughout the week, but no one had more fun than us!


3 thoughts on “Where’s Waldo @ Your Library?

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  2. Oh my gosh, this program sounds so awesome!!! I love love love your ideas. I just may have to do this same program at my library 🙂

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