Explore Some More!

I wanted to call it Explore S’more, but everyone thought that would imply we needed to serve s’mores, so we went with proper English.  This program was for kids grades 3 and up and every month we explored a different topic.  My co-workers and I alternated programming weekly and our Library Assistant and I partnered on at least one a month.  Attendance wasn’t very great in the beginning, only 2 or 3 kids who we practically coerced into the room, but by the end of the program, we were getting 5 regular kids plus parents and whoever else we could corral.

We don’t have too many pictures from this point in our programming – cameras at this time weren’t really allowed in the library until later in the Spring and we didn’t want to set a bad example for the parents.

February:  Science

  • Marble Roller Coasters:  Using pipe insulation and marbles, we figured out the different heights and configurations to make a marble go fast, slow, and do a loop-d-loop.
  • Bouncy Balls:  A bunch of science kits were donated to the library, so our librarian used one to make bouncy balls, but there are also lots of recipes available to make bouncy balls without a special kit.


  • Slime:  Using borax, glue, and water, kids made slime.  This project came out of Steve Spangler’s book, Nakaed Eggswhich is a great resource for anyone who wants to start science programming but isn’t sure how to start or how to explain things to kids.  Most of his projects are also available online for free and in kits that you can purchase.

March:  Puppets

  • Paper Bag Puppets
  • Sock Puppets
  • Milk Jug Puppets
  • Shadow Box Puppets:  This one was my favorite.  By the time we got to this program, we had a couple of regulars with great imaginations in updating favorite stories and creating entirely new ones.  We even got to hear the story of the Tortoise and the Hare which I tried my best to capture with my phone camera.

Scroll through to see some of the creations we were able to capture (and some of the creations parents were kind enough to photograph and send to us)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

April:  Books

  • Make your own journal
  • Secret compartment books:  This was a great idea in theory, but most of the work had to be done beforehand since we didn’t feel comfortable arming a lot of the kids with exacto knives.
  • Where’s Waldo!
  • Art using old book pages/covers:  This was a totally pinterest inspired program.  We drew on old book pages, folded them like origami, and covered orange juice cans with old picture book covers to make pencil holders.

I’m not too sure why we took no pictures of these programs, but if you hop on over to the Waldo program post, you’ll see some of the fun stuff we did there.


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