#flannelfriday: Ouch!

ouch!I have no shame in seeing a post on the Flannel Friday pinterest board that I like and copying it almost exactly.  I figure its okay as long as I give credit where credit is due.

This summer I decided that I really needed to jazz up my flannel collection.  I’d been using many of the same old tired flannels for the last year, and I’m sure the parents were just as bored with the stories as I was.  So my goal was to make 1 new flannel for *almost* every week of SRP Storytimes, and I’ve been pretty successful – even pulling one out the morning after I got back from ALA.

Today’s Flannel Friday post will be for the book Ouch! by Ragnhild Scamell, Flannel Inspired by a Storytiming post.  I ad-libbed the script from the actual text because I used it for Baby Storytime (0-18 mo.) and the text was a little long, but the concept was perfect for my group.  I borrowed the frog and the pig from a different flannel (Brown Bear, Brown Bear and Pig’s Picnic respectively) which is why they don’t quite match the other pieces.  I’m trying to learn to share among my flannels, rather than re-inventing the wheel for each story – at least for now.  I put the blackberries on a piece of white paper so they’d actually show up against the board for the sake of the photo.





One thought on “#flannelfriday: Ouch!

  1. Cute! Your goat is adorable.

    btw: I read your bio, and saw you work for Glendale PL. My sister lives right nearby one of your branches. Whenever I visit my neice (she’s 6) always took me on a tour of all the local libraries. We may have cross paths over the years. cool. Cheers.

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