Captain Underpants and the Library Land Adventure

I know I’m a little late on the bandwagon, but come on, who doesn’t still LOVE Captain Underpants?  He’s been around for 10+ years now and we still can’t keep the books on the shelves.

I wanted to do a fun, party kind of program geared towards elementary school students since I felt they didn’t have too many “fun” programs on the agenda, and what better literary character to use than Captain Underpants.

First, everyone put their name into the Official Professor Poopypants’ Name Change-O-Chart 2000 and got a cool nametag (full disclosure, mine was Booger Hamsterhead).

While we waited for everyone to get their nametags, kids got to toss crumpled up pieces of paper into the talking toilet (which I was unable to get pictures of before the kids killed it with their strength) and create their own cape out of old t-shirts (we provided the t-shirts from old library tees that never got used and they decorated the capes using fabric markers).

Once everyone had their capes, it was time for the undie toss.  We used boys briefs to fling across the room and the winner got an ARC of the 2nd newest Captain Underpants book.  Boy was he in heaven!  The library hadn’t even acquired that book yet and he was holding it in his hands (we also had a brief moratorium on purchasing books as we transitioned to using B&T for many of our Tech Services functions.  We needed to iron out the kinks.)

Next, I read the first few chapters of the newest Captain Underpants book which had just come out a few days before, Captain Underpants and the Revolting Revenge of the Radioactive Robo-Boxers and then sent the kids on their merry way.

Two examples of our fine capes

Two examples of our fine capes

Of course, this was all dressed up in my own Captain Underpants get-up, which is the one and only time I will ever wear that in my life (hopefully).

In all honesty, I don’t love the Captain Underpants books that much.  I think they’re a little tiresome and I’ve never really been a fan of potty humor, even as a child (although my brother LOVED them).  I did the program because I knew that kids loved Captain Underpants and anything to get them to read and get excited about books is something I can get behind.  They were all a little disappointed when the program came to an end, and I see that as a good sign of more book parties to come.

In general, the kids were pretty well behaved and had lots of fun, but I definitely needed at least 1 other pair of hands.  I had our Library Assistant/Co-planner helping me, and our Intern showed up with her kids and was nice enough to lend a helping hand when things were getting a little complicated due to late-comers.  I find these 1-hour programs are often hard to do on your own, unless you limit lateness by closing the program off, which I am always hesitant to do since I hate turning kids away.

Captain underpants


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