Fall 2012 Programming

It’s been so long since I blogged about the programming I do that I have to go all the way back to Fall – which is kind of nuts since I’m currently in the process of planning for Fall 2013.

During Fall 2012, we had a bit of a moratorium on programming in our system.  Budget cuts came down hard in 2012 and many of our staff members were encouraged to retire, departments were reconfigured, and the library was in a state of chaos.  To deal with the emotional issues of these cuts as well as learning to work with new vendors and less staff, it was decided that we would scale back programming to just the basics, which included  Storytimes for all ages and class visits upon request.

Needless to say I got a lot of weeding, cleaning, and wishing done.  I spent much of my time thinking of all the programs I wanted to do and wondering when I was going to be able to do them.  I started amping myself up to make up for the lost season of programming – which, if you know me, meant certain professional death and a set-back in my 10-year plan.  Now, though, looking back, I think it gave me ample time to adjust to working full-time and adjust to a new neighborhood, new co-workers, and a new period in my life.

As for what I did as far as programming is concerned during this time, I did some pretty kick-ass storytimes (and here) and learned how to manipulate puppets.  I learned what book to song ratio works best for me and my group of babies during storytime and what kinds of songs and books they like – rather than just forcing what I like on them.  I also made a plethora of new flannels, which I’ll start posting on Flannel Fridays starting next week.

I also did a handful of class visits – I had a few pre-school classes, a fourth grade class, and a middle school class.  The middle schoolers were my favorite.  Their teacher had requested that I booktalk some low-reading level/high interest books for them since their skills were a little behind, and I came up with some goodies.  By the time they left, they were fighting over what books to check out and had been introduced to the wonderful world of audiobooks.

While it was happening, the slow start was hard for me, but in the end it was probably for the best.  I didn’t burn the candle at both ends like I normally would and instead saved all that energy up for when I would need it most.


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