A Year of Reflection

candle1Back in May, I had my 1-year Anniversary as a Full-Time Children’s Librarian.  I wanted to blog about it, and I’ve been wanting to blog about it, but in all honesty, I wasn’t all that happy.  I wondered what I had done with that year – where the time had gone, what I had accomplished, where my career was going.  I was a little bummed around my 1-year anniversary and I felt a little lost.  I wanted to keep my blog happy and positive.  Not a place for complaining or putting things into print that I may regret later.  I’m all about being open and honest, but I also know that there are boundaries for what you make public and post on the internet.

For the most part, the unhappiness subsided.  When my review came up and I had to list all the programs I did over the year – all the collection development work I did (i.e. purchasing, weeding, etc.), all the class visits, and all the conferences and committee work I completed, it didn’t look so bad.  In fact, I was pretty proud.  I just didn’t see the accomplishments when I was doing them because I was so busy worrying about making sure I was taking the right steps to move toward the career path I want.  I try to calculate my life and make the right decisions the first time.  And sometimes I think that can hinder exploration and truly learning/experiencing things.

I learned a lot of lessons this year.  I learned a lot about what it really means to be a librarian, how to reach out to your community, and how to balance your beliefs with your institution’s, your community’s, and everyone in between.  I also learned about myself personally and professionally.  I learned a lot that I didn’t feel like I could share publicly on my blog (hence the silence) because of politics and bureaucracy and whatever other reasons you don’t want to share some things with the whole world.  But now that I’ve had time to process this past year, I’m going to start where I left off blogging – talking about the programs I’m doing (in this case, did as I’ll be looking retroactively), about the issues that are important to me, and my work within ALA as a councilor and committee member.

And off we go…

note:  These program posts will be spread out over the course of a few weeks – I don’t want to bombard my blog and I do want to blog more frequently again, so this will give me a head start.


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