5 A Day Keep the Doctor Away on Pinterest

I really loved doing my 5 A Day Keep the Doctor Away posts, but I have to admit they were pretty time consuming in terms of formatting – looking for the picture, copying the URL, formatting the text because it never automatically looks the way I want it to.  It was something that I had to dedicate a bit of time to and focus on and took way longer than the time it took me to actually read the book.  So I kind of abandoned the project.

While I was away at ALA Midwinter, though, we got an explosion of picture books in!  We had a moratorium on ordering new books since June due to changing vendors, budget issues, reorganization, and the usual gamit of public library issues, but now we’re back in business and I need to catch up!  So, I’ve moved my 5 a Day Keep the Doctor Away posts over to Pinterest, that way I can still keep tabs on the picture books I’m reading, still write a brief something to lock it into my brain (I’m very tactile when it comes to memory), and still see the pictures.  I think it’ll be even easier to use Pinterest since all the photos/reviews will be in one place and I won’t have to toggle between posts to jog my memory.

So, if you’re interested, check it out!


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