The Death of Libraries

Why does everyone want libraries to die?  Every few months another article comes out that sends librarians into a tizzy and we feel the need to defend ourselves and our profession.  Today’s latest offender – Forbes.  Again.  A few months ago, Forbes offended librarians by calling out that we are severely underpaid and who would dare want to go into a profession like that. You know, like teachers and such.  Those other people who are severely underpaid and yet responsible for educating the future.  Anyways, at the bottom of the article is a good response from a librarian.  Pointing out changing with the community, communities who can’t afford food, let alone e-readers, and, at the end of it all, teaching people how to use this technology that seems to be everywhere but takes forever to figure out how to use.

I wish people would just get the point that while libraries may be changing and evolving, I highly doubt that they will go extinct.  We are in more than the book business.  You can’t get rid of libraries unless you want to get rid of schools as well.


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