Jimmy the Olympian?

Today I was feeling extra silly in storytime today with Jimmy.  I don’t know if it was because it was the last Toddler Storytime of the summer of because the parents were interacting a lot with their children so I wanted to make them laugh or because I hit my stride in storytime (which is great since it’s the last one, right?).  Either way, this is what happened with me and Jimmy.

Storytime today was my #1 favorite theme:  Oceans & Fish.  This is partly because its the first theme I ever did in my internship at Monrovia Public Library way back when.  It was the first flannel board story that I created and loved (Fish with the Deep Sea Smile) and it was the first set of songs that I threw into the world.  And, it was also the storytime in which I fell madly and deeply in love with the book I’m the Biggest Thing In the Ocean by Kevin Sherry.  And I mean I really love this book.  This is my go-to, must-buy book for all kids.  I don’t care the age because everyone loves it on different levels and it grows with the children.  So, I think you get it.  I loved this storytime and everything that went along with it.

So, as you all know, Jimmy is a big scaredy-cat who is afraid of everything.  So, of course he has to be afraid of the Ocean. Now why would he be afraid of the ocean… Because he can’t swim!  Jimmy is a desert tortoise, so he’s never been in the ocean, despite all of his water-loving cousins.  (I’ll admit that sometimes its hard to figure out why Jimmy is scared of the theme that week and sometimes we’re really stretching, but its silly and fun anyways.)  By the end of storytime, Jimmy has always come to terms with the theme and isn’t afraid anymore.  This week he told me that he wants to take swim lessons over the weekend so that he can be an olympic swimmer like Michael Phelps.  Cheesy, I know, but the parents seemed to eat it up and although the kids didn’t really know who Michael Phelps was, they can relate to swim classes and they really just like watching Jimmy move and talk and he could recite Shakespeare and they wouldn’t care.

So, Jimmy is going to be an Olympian and after my Baby Storytime on Friday I am officially on storytime hiatus until fall.  Time to come up with some awesome new themes and non-book storytelling ideas that I can get excited about!


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