A Week of Awesome Storytimes & #flannelfriday

This week I offered some stellar storytimes, I have to admit.

At Toddler Storytime on Wednesday I did a puppet version of Campbell’s Dear Zoo which went over splendidly!  I got the idea from Beyond the Book Storytimes blog and used regular brown boxes with special made shipping labels.  I didn’t have all of the animals in the book available to me, so I had to do some substitutions.  The animals I used were:  Elephant, Penguin, Frog, Spider, Monkey, Crocodile, and a turtle.  I told the kids that I was going to tell them the story of how I got my sidekick Jimmy and he was the pet that I decided to keep because he was perfect.  This worked out because my library has its own Jimmy, so I didn’t have to put him in the box when the kids weren’t looking or anything since he introduces the storytime to them every week.  The kids went nuts when I started pulling animals out and loved it when the frog jumped on their heads and the spider crawled on them.

The main issue with this elaborate set-up and lots of stuff to carry around is that once storytime is over, we open the wall of the storytime room and the kids go nuts with a variety of toys we pull out.  Which means that as I’m trying to clean up all of these boxes and load them onto a book truck, I have 15-20 toddlers racing to get toys and play with them.  Needless to say it was a little touch and go as I wheeled my truck through the chaos and I was happy no boxes fell on anyone’s little head.

Since this went so well, I am contemplating the bag route that was suggested on the Beyond the Book blog for a storytime I’m going to do at a Head Start Pre-School next week.  I just have to make sure that everything can fit into a backpack or something manageable so that I have less clean-up in the classroom.  We’ll see how that goes.

As for today’s Baby Mother Goose & Me Storytime, I have to commend the caregivers who come.  They are always very engaged and sing along with all my songs and participate.  On occasion I get some chatty adults, but most of the time the other adults or I mad dog them enough so that they shush and let us enjoy our songs.  The flannel which I did today (and also on Wednesday for my Zoo theme) came out beautifully and I just wanted to share my handiwork.  In case you can’t tell, it’s Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear?  And although that walrus looks a little weird, everyone was very nice and mostly spot on guessing what the animals were.

I’m bummed that next week will be the last week of storytimes for the summer, but I am very much looking forward to planning and finding new and fun book-less stories to tell for the fall!



2 thoughts on “A Week of Awesome Storytimes & #flannelfriday

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