The First Time: Pre-School Storytime

Yesterday (Monday) I had my first pre-school storytime here at GPL.  I was a little stressed about it because I started work 30 min before storytime was to begin and realized that I had planned on doing a flannel that I’ve only told once (Anansi & the Moss Covered Rock) and singing a song w/pom pom props (I’ve got a Fly on my Toe) that I’ve never sung before.  So I rushed around for 30 minutes setting up and practicing the song and flannel and finally felt mostly ready to face these wonderful pre-schoolers.  So, I opened the door….

…and Crickets greeted me.  There was 1 family in the Children’s Room and when I asked her if they were there for storytime (after hunting them down), she said they were but that she didn’t want to be the only family in there since the child had just turned 3 and had never been in a storytime before so she wasn’t sure how she’d handle it.  I assured her that I understood her dilemma and offered to wait a few more minutes to see if other families showed up.  If they didn’t, I offered to go through with storytime with just her, her 3 year old, and her baby, until she felt the 3 year old had reached her max.  It’s better than not doing storytime at all, in my opinion, and I don’t want them to feel like they

1.  aren’t important enough to hear storytime because they’re the only ones who decided to show up that day


2.  can’t leave storytime if the child is fussy or can’t handle it that day.

So we waited until 15 minutes had passed and I ran through 2 stories and a couple of songs for them.  The mother cut it off early even though I think the child was pretty interested and was interacting and answering my questions about the stories and everything, but that’s okay.  At least they got a little bit of experience.

After storytime, we have Play With Me, which is when we bring out a ton of age-appropriate toys and games for the kids to play with.  I was a little disappointed when we came out of the storytime room and there were 3 or 4 families eagerly awaiting to play with the toys but who didn’t want to listen to the stories.  I let them all know that we have a new pre-school storytime on Mondays starting at 10:30, so hopefully they will be able to come in the future.

The pre-school storytime at my location is new and hasn’t happened in awhile from what I’ve been told, so its going to take awhile to build it up to the attendance levels that our other storytimes have, such as the Mother Goose & Me that I inherited on Fridays.  Hopefully by the end of summer we’ll start seeing the numbers and I can do all the stories and songs that I practiced… Since I didn’t get to do Anansi or the Fly song this week.  Luckily, that just means that I can use them both again sometime fairly soon…


One thought on “The First Time: Pre-School Storytime

  1. Yes! patience is the key; I’ve started many storytimes with a small number of families. Keep it regular, let the schools know, and you will likely have more than you dreamed of 🙂 our children’s has to do TWO preschool storytimes each Monday, otherwise we’d exceed the 72 person limit in the meeting room. Congrats on your first!

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