Getting into the Rhythm of Mother Goose & Me

Today was my 2nd Mother Goose & Me and I have to say that I think it went splendidly.  The parents who came were very participatory, which I totally love because I usually pick things up from them and learn from them when they repeat certain phrases from stories, add hand motions to regular songs, or change things up a little bit.  This crowd is GREAT at that!  They repeated all the noises in The Baby Goes Beep, were sad for all the animals in the beginning of A Good Day, and tickled their babies during Tickle, Tickle, Peter!

During the songs, the parents picked them up quickly and sang along which is always great because it encourages the parents who are more shy or don’t want to participate to actually participate as much as they can.  Towards the end, I had hoped to do a second baby bounce and sing Twinkle Twinkle, but the babies started getting fussy after Tickle, Tickle, Peter, so I passed out the bells and we sang our final song rather than force the issue.  All in all, the babies and parents were happy and seemed to enjoy the storytime!

Books Read:


Songs Sung:

  • Head & Shoulders
  • Jack Be Nimble
  • Five Little Kittens (w/Finger Puppets)
  • Where is Tumbkin?
  • The More We Get Together (w/Bells)

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