The First Time

The first time you do anything at a new job is nerve wracking.  At least for me.  Christian says that in your first few weeks you get a hall pass.  You’re allowed to mess up and no one can get too mad at you because how could you know?  You used your judgment.  But I have a hard time making mistakes in general, so I don’t see any hall pass availability.

Last Friday I had my first Mother Goose (aka Baby) Storytime.  Baby Storytimes actually make me kind of nervous because since they’re babies, I can’t really gage their interest level, making feedback kind of difficult to determine.  Luckily, my manager let me know what things tend to work and don’t and gave me an outline of what’s gone well for her, so I used that as my base.  Overall, I realized, since they’re babies, you can use all the same basic songs that you use for the older kids, you just modify them a little bit.  And for the books, I used simpler books with less storyline of course, but I think I could get away with a full on flannel story every once in awhile if for no other reason than to entertain the parents.

Baby storytime was a lot of fun and watching the babies grab the bells as I passed them out and respond to the music in whatever way they could was really amazing.  The less amazing thing I had to do was take care of two moms who talked throughout the second half of the storytime after caregiver – baby book sharing.  In the past, I probably would’ve just given stink eye and pouted about it later if they didn’t see my glares, but, I decided that now that I’m officially a full-time professional and I’m going to be doing this storytime regularly for who knows how long I need to set some ground rules and stick by them.  So, in the beginning of the storytime I talked about taking fussy or crying children out until they could be calmed down and then coming back in but I didn’t address the conversation aspect which I will add to my intro this week.

How I dealt with the two parents who were chit chatting was, once storytime was over and it was just the two of them and no one else was around, I just asked them if they could do me a favor next week and not have a conversation while we were reading books or singing together.  I kept it simple.  One mom seemed okay about it and apologetic.  The other gave me an irritated look and the stink eye that I had been giving her during my storytime.  But, I did it, and hopefully this week’s storytime will have either no parents chatting or at least different ones than the ones I spoke to last week.

Books read:


Songs Sung:

  • Head & Shoulders
  • Old MacDonald (w/Finger Puppets)
  • Open, Shut Them
  • Where is Thumbkin?
  • The Itsy Bitsy Spider
  • The More We Get Together (w/Bells)

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