The Wonder of Coffee

Today marks my 3rd full week as a full-time employee.  And my first day partaking in the gloriousness that is coffee.

Normally I don’t drink coffee except for special circumstances.  Those circumstances are:  Travelling (by car, plane, or train unless it’s a red eye and I need to sleep), All Nighters (Since I’m not in school, this primarily revolves around hula and making things like ti leaf skirts and kupe’e), and special occasions (I’m celebrating something so I treat myself to a Caramel Macchiato or some sort).  The primary reason that I don’t really drink coffee except in these special instances is that too much caffeine makes me very jittery and my nervous ticks tend to come out when I do so.  Usually with the aforementioned circumstances, my adrenaline is super high or I am so tired that it doesn’t matter, so I am a little less jittery.  For my everyday tiredness, black or green tea goes just fine and sometimes, even, black tea makes me jittery.

Apparently this is no longer the case.

Since the adrenaline pumping excitement of the new job has worn off and I have started learning to really juggle my personal life with a full-time professional life, I am tired.  I half-joke, am half-serious when I say that I need a solid 9 hours of sleep a night.  Ask my husband.  As ridiculous as this sounds, he will attest that it is pretty accurate and that I am not a morning person.  At all.  But, now, to juggle everything I am getting more like 6-7 which is a pretty big daily adjustment if you think about it.  I try not to oversleep on t he weekends and mess up my internal clock more than it already is, so it just leads to all around tiredness.  Which is where the coffee comes in.

While mine is black I just found out that they now make these in colors… AND PURPLE! I can’t wait until I need a new one now…

The last week or so, on my 1-1.25 hour commute each way, I start getting sleepy and feeling like I’m going to nod off.  I don’t know if any of you have ever nodded off while driving, but let me tell you it is scary as shit.  So today I took the safety of myself and others into my own hands and drank 6 ounces of coffee on my way into work this morning.  And thankfully, I am alert and ready to go, although combined with my 16 oz spinach and berry shake this morning by the time I got to work you can imagine the situation I was in.  Maybe that helped to keep me awake also.

Either way, so far I must be really tired because I’m not jittery, and I have a feeling this may become habit forming.  So, coffee world, here I am.  And thank you, Don Francisco, for your Hawaiian Hazelnut Coffee and Bodum French Press, for making my 6 oz cup which is just right possible.


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