Miracles Really Do Happen

Well, libraryland, it’s finally happened.  After almost 3 years, 29 job applications, 22 Interviews, 4 part-time jobs (including a promotion), and 1 temporary full-time job for 3 months, I have finally been offered a Full-Time, Permanent position as a Children’s Librarian at Glendale Public Library’s Central Library!

For most of last week I was in shock and scared that it really wasn’t going to happen, so I didn’t really broadcast it.  Yesterday I went for my physical and filled out all of my paperwork, so it started to seem more real.  Now all I’m waiting for is my official start date which will *hopefully* be May 15 but will depend on when they pass my physical and forward all the paperwork to the City of Glendale.

The two interviews I had for this position were probably the best interviews I’ve ever given.  There were times I even surprised myself with my answers and my confidence.  I was on fire.  But, I was also more humble than I think I sometimes am when I’m feeling confident.  Because I was confident and not cocky I think helped a lot.  Also, I didn’t feel quite as desperate as I sometimes do.  And I went in trying to network and make friends, rather than impress and get hired.  Don’t get me wrong, I definitely wanted the latter, but after 20 interviews, you need to start thinking about changing your strategy a bit.  It also helped that I felt comfortable with all of the questions and curveballs (there was a surprise oral presentation which I’d never encountered before) and even if I had a hard time recalling the name of a book or something, I took my time, kept calm, and didn’t panic like I sometimes would in the past, after which I would proceed to give up.

Anyways, I digress.  I’m super excited to be starting this new adventure, am looking forward to all of the audiobooks I’ll get to listen to on my commute, and can’t wait to meet my new co-workers and patrons.

I am thankful to everyone who supported me these last few years and listened when I was frustrated and encouraged me to not give up.  I can’t wait to turn this blog into a place to capture the activities of a full-time children’s librarian!

Central Library’s Children’s Room! My new home 🙂


6 thoughts on “Miracles Really Do Happen

  1. I am SO excited for you! Just reading this entry made me tear up. Breathe and enjoy the process, you have nothing to prove, they made a GREAT choice. There is so much to be grateful for here and I know you know that… Forwarding to everyone I know in Glendale!!!

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