Ohh the public

The public are an interesting people.  They make working in public libraries fun and interesting and they make each day different.  You never know what genius you’re going to meet or what kind of crazy person you’re going to meet.  You meet people who encourage you to do better and to challenge yourself and you meet people who make you very thankful for what you have.

Sometimes, though, you also meet people who make you uncomfortable or scare you or who are all around mentally unstable.  Public libraries are for everyone, regardless of what they say or do, and you have to do an awful lot to be asked to leave a public library to be quite honest.  Because librarians have seen it all.  At least they think they have.  And then the public surprises them.

Sometimes, like ER doctors, librarians can feel the changing phases of the moon.  I’m not very much into astrology, and I know that the library has crazy days even despite the phases of the moon, but when its close to a full moon, you can feel it.  You can also feel it around holidays and tax time.  Peoples moods shift.  They say things they don’t mean.  They say things they do mean and have just been too polite to say.  Rarely are they extra nice due to the moon phases.  Or maybe thats the pessimist in me.

I ramble about the public today because today, for me, was an especially weird day.  My afternoon was filled with unusual interactions with patrons of all ages and genders as well as damn near impossible reference questions.  While I love my career very much, some days, I’m just glad to be able to go home and try to put it all behind me.

After all, tomorrow is another day.


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