Librarianship is a Lifestyle Choice

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again.  Librarianship is a Lifestyle Choice.  I don’t really know how to turn it off and sometimes it gets exhausting.  I have a lot of projects going at once – all the time – and sometimes, it makes it hard to do things that aren’t work or family related but that I still want to pursue.  One of those things that I’ve been thinking about today, in particular, is photography.  Ever since I was in middle school I’ve always been fascinated with photography.  I once told my Girl Scout Troop leader that I wanted to be when I grew up:  A teacher, a cook, a vet, or a photographer.  She told me to be a teacher or a vet because I could be a cook and a photographer as hobbies and I always kind of kept that advice in the back of my mind.  Except I never really took the steps to make photography a hobby.  Or cooking for that matter, but that kind of went out the window when I realized how terrible I really am at it.  I do still really enjoy baking, however.

Lately, I’ve been learning to say “No” to things like committees and councils and projects that I’m not fully vested in.  A few months ago, I was feeling really really burnt out on all things librarian.  But I had a hand in so many projects that I couldn’t just stop and walk away.  So, I finished up those projects and since then have really been evaluating my commitments and deciding which ones I’m passionate about, which ones I’m eh about, and which ones I’m doing because I feel obligated and not because I really want to.  And as I weed through these things, I keep thinking of the other hobbies I want to learn and pursue.

Maybe this weekend I’ll fiddle with the camera I bought a few months ago and see what I can figure out on it.  Maybe I’ll sew a dress or some placemats. Maybe I’ll practice my Spanish or Hawaiian.  All I know is, today, after work, I’m using this weekend to do pursue some non (although not non-entirely – does that even make sense?) work-related endavors.  And maybe I’ll have some pretty photos to show my success.


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