Madam Secretary I presume

I was elected APALA’s Executive Board Secretary for 2012-2013 again.  Yay!  The people I work with in APALA are inspiring and I’m proud to be an EB member.  Here’s to visiting Seattle and Chicago next year for Midwinter & Annual.  I guess I should start saving my money now… lol.

Now I’m just waiting to hear if I’ve been elected to ALA Council… If you haven’t voted yet, please do so.  You have until Friday, April 27 at 11:59CDT!

Running for council, I’ve heard lots of support.  Mostly because:  West Coasters are underrepresented.  Public Librarians are underrepresented.  Children’s Librarians in particular are underrepresented.  And, as I guess can be expected, Pacific Islanders are not only underrepresented but practically non-existent.  They might be non-existent, but I don’t have hard facts on that so I won’t make such a bold assertion.  Hopefully this election can help change the face of ALA one step at a time!


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