TAC Sponsored Easter Egg Hunt

I was so proud of my TAC on Saturday!  They put on a pretty successful Easter Egg Hunt/Spring Storytime/Craft for the little kids.  The majority of planning was done with myself and the TAC, with the programming librarian and the Children’s Assistant helping to coordinate the craft and act as a sounding board when maybe we got a little over the top in our planning.

The idea actually came out of one TAC.  The teens were talking about how one of them had never been to an Easter Egg Hunt, one said we should host one, and then I suggested how about we do it for the little kids?  We hit the ground running from there.

The event went a little something like this:

Introduction by one of the Teens


Easter Egg Hunt


Since we are on a tight budget, we actually hid paper eggs around the room in 4 different colors.  Once the kids found one egg in each color, they could trade in their paper eggs for 1 plastic egg filled with jelly beans and a handful of other candy.  Before the Easter Egg Hunt, one of the teens read a story and then I led the group in a song and a story.  Then we had the hunt and then it was craft time.  The kids got to make either an egg carton chicken or rabbit, and they were super cute although I forgot to take a picture of the finished product.

All in all, the teens did a great job coordinating, planning, and executing the Hunt.  I’m lucky to have them on my team!


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