Stumper Reference Questions

Today was a weird day in library land.  Thanks to a new bill, many retired part-timers had to be let go because of their CalPers retirement plan, upheaving the schedule.  Which means that there was some confusion… And that I spent 7 hours on the reference desk today instead of my scheduled 4.  Luckily it was a pretty slow day so I got quite a bit done despite being on the desk and I even got asked some strange questions and a stumper.

Stumpers are pretty fun… Especially when you can get a half-way decent answer.  Today’s question…

The patron in question was looking for major award winning non-fiction books for children about women artists published within the last decade.

Thanks to the Database of Award-Winning Children’s Literature and the ALSC website, we didn’t find any winners, but we found quite a few honor and notable books which will have to suffice.  Lots of books about  Ballet Dancers and Singers, a little light on painters and drawers, unless your name is Frida Kahlo…


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