I’m melting!

Well, we melted something today – old vinyl records to be exact.  And it was a successful program, although I also learned a lot and was very glad only 3 teens showed up.  Here is what I learned about doing this program:

  • Works best with smaller numbers (attendance wise).  Each bowl took on average 5-10 minutes in the oven and while we figured out finally that we could do two at the same time, we were constantly opening the door to check the melting stages so one record was always a little bit at a loss.  I couldn’t imagine doing this program with more than 5-6 kids.  Although I’m sure its not impossible!
  • Upping the temperature helps the melting process immensely (we upped it from 200 degrees F to 220 by the end of the afternoon to speed up the process)
  • Keeping the temperature low allows you to handle the record when it comes out of the oven with your bear hands.  If you up the temperature, you need to use oven mitts for sure.
  • Melting the bowl on the bottom of one bowl and then pulling it out, inverting, and smashing the record between two bowls and melting a little longer seemed to work best to get the “bowl” shape
  • The blog post I read on Greenbean’s craft roll talked about a chemical stench associated with the melting, but after 6 records and nearly an hour of melting, we didn’t smell anything.  That may have had something to do with the ham glaze that was all over the bottom of the stove though… lol.

And now onto pictures!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Also, a huge thanks to Brannigan Cheney, RBPL’s previous programming librarian, for the idea!!

Links to some helpful sites if you want to make some bowls yourself…


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