Happy unimaginative, consumer-oriented and entirely arbitrary, manipulative and shallow interpretation of romance day

Or, as I like to say,

So, Tuesday was Valentine’s Day and it also happened to be the second Tuesday of the month, which is Teen Program Day at Redondo Beach Public Library.  This month, our program was… you guess it, an Un-Valentine’s Day party!

Now, I have to admit, after last month’s showing of 1 Teen, I was a little nervous how today was going to turn out.  I didn’t want to put in too much work and waste too much prep time if no one was going to show up… But I couldn’t help myself.  I came up with some clever decorations and Bingo boards AND I even made my own mad-libs up.  All of the photos are posted below.

So, I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised when 11! yes, ELEVEN teens showed up!  Not all 11 stayed the whole time.  2 didn’t even sign my sign-in sheet because they decided the party was not what they thought it was going to be, and one mom thought it was a kid’s program and left her extremely tall elementary school-er before I realized she wasn’t in 7th grade, but hey, they all count, and the 3rd grader held herself fairly well with the teens and the teens didn’t seem to mind too much that she was there…

We even had a teen from a high school that no one in my TAC goes to and no other teens at the party attended.  The majority of the teens who came were all friends and found out from a flyer they saw around school, and they took the new teens in and chatted with them and had fun.  I mostly sat back and relaxed and ate some of the broken heart cookies I’d made at home the night before and then ran the Bingo game.  All in all, a great success!  Let’s hope some of them come back for next month’s program…


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