let the 2011 best of… begin!

so 2011 has been a long, rough year.  I lost my grandmother who played a very large role in my life and spent the rest of the year having firsts without her.  Like the first time I went on vacation and didn’t bring her back a gift.  Or the first time we had a big family party without her.  Stuff like that.  But, a lot of good happened in 2011 also, and let’s focus on some of that… We’ll start with something simple.

The top 3 places I visited in 2011:

1.  NY, NY: In Jan, I accompanied my mother-in-law to Manhattan.  I have to say that the isle is truly magical and I loved it, although I missed my husband dearly.  My first time being in non-man made, all encompassing snow was heavenly — even if I did have to trudge across central park from t he Natural History Museum to the Met in freezing rain.  I can’t wait to go again next month!







2.  Kauai: In August, Christian and I visited Kaua’i for the first time.  Eventually we would like to see all of the islands — So far, we’ve seen 3.  I went to Kaua’i when I was a baby, so this was my first time in my accessible memory visiting and I liked it a lot.  I focused on relaxing, ignoring my smart phone except for pictures and directions, and just enjoying the ‘aina.  And boy did I…

3.  NOLA:  In June, I visited New Orleans for the American Library Association Annual Conference and I had a blast!  It was hot and muggy and I needed to shower at least twice a day, but I ate some amazing food, got to spend time with some stellar librarians, and learned a lot about traveling alone and the kindness of strangers.

The top 3 books I read in 2011: (I’m picking 1 adult, 1 YA, & 1 children’s)

1.  One Crazy Summer by Rita Williams-Garcia

Possibly one of the best books I’ve read ever — amongst Childrens & Adults. The story was vivid, the characters flushed out, AND it was historical fiction. I learned a little about the black panthers and the economic climate after MLK’s death. I learned a little about 3 little girls from brooklyn and their crazy poet mother

2.  Crank Series by Ellen Hopkins

The first novels that I’ve ever read and actually finished in verse and I understood why people enjoy reading this type of format.  The subject matter lent itself to using the imagination just a little bit more…

3.  Beloved by Toni Morrison

I think this book needs no introduction…

The top 3 movies I saw in 2011…

1.  The Muppets:  Feel good movie of the year.  Seriously.   I was having a terrible day when I went to see this movie.  When I left, I hadn’t a care in the world and wanted to do nothing but sing and dance.

2.  Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows:  The last movie and my last time standing in a very cold line very late at night for J.K. Rowling’s film adaptations of her books.  A solid movie, although I was disappointed they wanted to ruin it with the epilogue from the book.  Like the book, the movie ends for me before the epilogue, so that I can continue to use my imagination to determine who Harry, Ron, and Hermoine live out their lives.  This is primarily because I cannot stand Ginny and as my husband says, what the epilogue teaches us is that the important thing is to drop out of school and have babies.

3.  Bridesmaids:  If you haven’t seen this movie, you haven’t lived.  Get out there and see it.  Seriously.


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