Altoid Tin Makeover Craft for Teens

This post is long overdue.  A few weeks ago, I hosted the last of the programs planned by my awesome predecessor at RBPL who moved to Kentucky and is now a wonderful, doting father to a handsome little guy named Atlas.  Seriously.  That’s a pretty awesome name and you know he’s gonna be super buff.

Anyways, I was left with a program title and the ever fateful words, “If you Goggle it, you’ll see a lot of really cool ideas”.  I did, and I sure did.  The options for converting old Altoid Tins into other fun stuff were overwhelming.  I picked my 6 favorite, most shoe-string friendly, teen appealing options and had my TAC vote on their 3 favorite.  I like to give the kids options.  A lot of the supplies I brought from home.  The Altoid Tins were collected before I was involved with Teen programming, but I suspect they were staff donations.  I brought my iPod for them to listen to music because the awkward silence is really too much for me to handle and I facilitated a little bit of conversation but not too much.  I also told my first parent that she couldn’t hang out — the program was for teens and she was welcome to come back at 4:30 to see what her very capable teens came up with.  And creativity flowed through the room.  Check out the photos below of some of the results!

the three options:

First Aid Kit:  In the first aid kit, I offered cotton swabs, gauze pads, bandages, hand sanitizing towelettes, alcohol wipes, tylenol caplets, and a little baggie to keep things sterile.  All of this was purchased mostly by me because the kids didn’t use too many of them and I can always use first aid supplies.  A lot of it was bought from the 99 cent store, so its not like I was out a ton of money either…

Travel Games:  This one was my favorite and required the least number of supplies.  I printed the template available at instructables and bought some sculpy from Joanns for game pieces which I baked in the oven while the kids finished up with other parts of their craft.

Zen Garden:  All we needed was sand and rocks, readily available at the beach.  I used some old tongue depressors which have been sitting in my craft box for years and skewers so the teens could make rakes.  This one took the least amount of time to make — under 10 minutes, but garnered the highest number of votes from TAC which surprised me.

The Results!

This was my favorite first aid kit made for the day.  I asked her if she was a girl scout, and of course she said yes…

The teens got super creative with their game pieces (see photo below) and for the photo above, the teen actually made up her own game within the game pieces – each red square has a design that matches a brown square to create a kind of matching game.

I forgot to bring a pan from home and this was all I could find in the kitchen... We improvised.

All the Zen gardens came out looking more or less the same but the size of the rakes varied greatly.  This is one of the larger rakes made that day…


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