Here at PVLD, we’re having staff changes, and with those changes comes shifting of schedules and opportunities.  My opportunity for the coming changes is that I get to do more storytimes! yay!  Beginning November 14, I will be doing storytimes at Miraleste at 11:30am with Jimmy who likes to Shimmy every other Monday, so bring the kids and lets do some dancing!

Now, to just pick the themes for the coming weeks…

I’m thinking Opposites and I’m really trying to flush out a Guinea Pig storytime just because its different and they’re funny little creatures… I’ve never done opposites and seriously, Guinea Pigs are awesome.  I might have to open it up to include hamsters as well though… I’m scouring blogs and websites for some fresh storytime ideas and I’m hoping to pull out all my pieces of flannel and make some new flannel board stories and finger puppets in the next few weeks.

And of course shift my sights toward holiday card and gift making.

i know this isn't storytime appropriate, but i really do love these books.


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