Picture Yourself @ the Annex

Last week, at PVLD, we had an open house night at the Annex to try to encourage more tweens and teens to come in and to let parents see what its like.  The Annex is a rented store front in the strip mall right next to the library which is just for teens.  Its open Monday – Friday from 3 – 7pm and has computers, video games, board games, and its own paperback collection.  We encourage teens to go hang out there after school since they can be much louder, move furniture around, and congregate in large groups.  Anyways, back to open house night.

We got the idea from Abby the Librarian‘s Tween Night @ the Library.  In that scenario, they invited teens and their parents to an after-hours mixer.  Ours was opened up to all students in grades 7-12 and their parents and since its a smaller space and parents and teens are busy, we decided on an open house format with different tables of information.  We had one table for Freedom4U which runs the Annex on Fridays, one table to talk to the people who run the Annex after school, another for book talking and book lists, and then (my) table for a fun, quickie type of craft.

The turn out wasn’t as large as we’d hoped, but we had a few people show up and ask questions and one tween seemed really interested in coming on Fridays, since Monday – Thursday she had a plethora of other activities, like so many of the kids in our community.  I hope that we can try this again in the future – maybe some different publicizing angles, like a press release, or marketing it to the kids differently, or trying something that feels a little more after hours.  I’m not too sure.  It seemed (and still does) like a good idea.  Maybe just a different time…

Aren’t my bookmarks super cute though?!


2 thoughts on “Picture Yourself @ the Annex

  1. I suggested to Laura trying a weekend time. If we’re getting nearly 200 for Saturday crafts, maybe that’s the time parents have free? And yes, your bookmarks ARE super cute.

  2. That’s a good idea. I also think that maybe some PR in the daily breeze or PV news might have worked since many parents at least read the paper… That’s how I get a lot of my teens (at their parents prodding) at RBPL.

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