Teen Read Week 2011: Picture It @ Redondo Beach Library!

Where the heck did October go?  So much happened and so little posting — We turned in the book on time (yay!) and scrambled with cover choosing and last minute details.  We re-did the floor of one of our rooms and painted it and flipped 75% of our furniture around.  And I dove full-on into Teen Services at RBPL.

Our first TAC meeting was a success!  We had 5 teens show up and they were all enthusiastic and contributed to the conversation.  4 of them showed up the following weekend to help with the children’s carnival and I think their help was much needed — almost 300 people came to the carnival!

On Tuesday, I ran my very first solo Teen program in honor of Teen Read Week and it’s theme, Picture It @ the library.  Going in, I had no idea what the heck I was doing.  In all honesty, I was kind of hoping no one would show up because I didn’t want to embarrass myself.  But then before the program I started poking around and saw that some students posted their entries onto flickr already and I was like wait a minute… I’m totally overthinking this.  Most of these kids didn’t even use props or anything, really.  The photo editing even looked like it’d been done on a smart phone with an app.  Hell, we can do this!  And then I got pumped and hoped someone would show up that we could use to 10 different photo apps I just downloaded to my phone.

Before I came into work, desperate to think about what props the teens might need I grabbed the following items: an ukulele, a gargoyle, a minnie mouse costume, a harry potter costume + wand, aviator hats, swimming goggles, misc hats, scarves, and a tutu.  random, random stuff.

But, once the teens got there, they already had ideas, had some photography experience, and I realized the key to Teen programming.  I’m not really the programmer or the leader or in charge of anything.  I’m simply a facilitator and provider of resources.  Because they have enough creativity and maturity to take off running with their ideas.  And take off running they did.  Below are the fruits of their labor… Can you guess what book they captured with film?


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