Application and Interview Stats

So the other day  I was talking with Christian about looking for full-time jobs and how I don’t have one.  It got me to thinking.  Some people keep really good track of how many applications they send out, how many interviews they go on, etc. and I never did that.  Partially because I never expected to not have a job for this long.  And I got to wondering.. Just how many applications have I sent out, how many interviews have I been on, etc.  Since I didn’t keep a running tally, these results are based upon applications I sent out through or jobs that sent me an electronic receipt or that I happened to remember since there were 2 jobs that fell into neither of these categories.

The parameters of my job search have been: Los Angeles County, Youth Services or General Librarian positions.  Not all of these have been for full-time Public Library positions.

Here is the breakdown:

20 Applications sent out

10 first interviews

5 second interviews

5 job offers (note: only 2 of the jobs I got required a second interview)

1 FT job offer (which I took and later quit)

4 PT job offers (1 “promotion” from sub to PT)

4 of those 20 interviews were conducted by a panel of librarians not associated with the library.

11 of those interviews were conducted by librarians within the library/library system.

it seems like i don’t do too shabby, with a 50% return rate, and I’ve learned a lot about what to put into my application.  I think this shows just how stiff the competition is with my parameters.  Either that or I just really know how to mess up a verbal interview… lol


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