Does the P in my initials stand for Pelayo or Procrastinator?

It’s nice that some things never leave you.  You would think that after writing a 130 page thesis in 2 weeks that I would have learned my lesson about doing things early so that you have plenty of time to look at the finished product, over think the finished product, and not spend nights up in front of a computer pouring over information and trying to make it sound interesting and like people will want to read it/give you a good grade/buy it.  But, apparently not.  Because 2 years after that thesis was printed, bound, and put on the shelf at YRL, I am hauling some serious okole to get this Hawaiians in Los Angeles book done.

Now, mind you, this is the second deadline for Hawaiians in LA.  We got a teensy bit of an extension because they didn’t think our images were “cover worthy”.  But, that was with the old editor, and the new editor hasn’t mentioned too much about cover images to us so I’m hoping that will just magically rectify itself.  What won’t magically rectify itself is that we have a due date of October 4.  What have I, specifically, been doing the last oh, I dunno, 9 or so months?  Mostly gathering pictures and thinking about the book and what I want it to say and editing the stuff Christian has written (which has been the bulk of it, let me tell you – but I did the bulk of ass-kissing to get the pictures in the first place, so I’d say its a fair trade) and really just overall supervising.

But now its down to the wire and Christian has started school and as of last week we still had a heck of a lot of overwhelming work to do.  So, whats a Type A personality like me to do?  Well, of course its to stress to the point of not sleeping and get some of that shit done!  I’ve been working non-stop the last 12 hours or so, albeit it I stopped for food, hula, and a little bit of sleep, but I’m bringing it home.  Christian did 3/4 of the writing and now I’m determined to finish it up, if for no other reason than to save his sanity and our marriage.  But, Christian said it best.  He’s better at starting things (doing the book in the first place was his idea) and I’m better at finishing them.  I like to think this is what makes us work as such a great time.  He’s the innovator, I’m the closer.

I think the book will be more or less totally done by Sunday if I have anything to do with it… And after pumping out almost 30 pages this week plus editing, I think we can get her done!


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